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See how the two-day Executive Coaching Course provides insight into the latest tools and techniques - PLUS accreditation to use the Pario Online Questionnaires. Learn how to identify key factors affecting performance - and the Steps to Success.

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The two-day weekend course is designed to raise self-awareness and provides high-quality training, focusing on tools and techniques that help develop your Executive Coaching Skills. Delegates completing the workshop also gain access to Pario’s easily administered online Executive Coaching resources.

Sign up for the FREE Guide to Executive Coaching and gain insight into the latest tools and techniques. These are explored in more detail as part of the two-day course, which also gives delegates access to online Coaching Questionnaires. The resources include Pario Professional & Pario 360 degree feedback.

BONUS OFFER: Delegates attending the two-day course benefit have FREE Access to Pario Questionnaires (to the Value of £400) + a 20% discount on future orders.

Executive Coach Training + Pario Accreditation

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The next training course is in the Chilterns (27-28 Sept), near High Wycombe, just 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport & London. There are only a limited number of places available, so use the EARLY BIRD Offer and Save £££ !!

Reserve your place today and benefit from a £50 discount on the Standard Fee of £197 (Only applies to bookings made before 31st August).

Note: We offer a full, 100% refund on cancellations made at least 30 days before the course. A 50% refund applies to cancellations made at least 14 days before the start-date. Substitutions are acceptable if a delegate is unable to attend.

Benefits of Attending the Course

The course is run by David Sharpley, a Chartered Psychologist with over 20 years experience of Management / Leadership Development and New Business ventures - including challenging projects in emerging markets. Delegates become accredited to use the Pario online Coaching Resources, including self-development & 360 degree feedback questionnaires.

See full details: Executive Coaching Resources

The Course Fee is more than covered by the BONUS OFFER relating to the Coaching Resources included in the Introductory Package. The Value is over £400, with FREE Setup of an online Control Panel to administer questionnaires + a 20% discount on future orders. Pario Associates only pay for reports that are generated. There are no hidden costs.

What is Executive Coaching?

The term “Executive Coaching” can refer to two main areas of activity. These include (i) working with senior managers to improve business capability, e.g. by reviewing business operations and developing more effective systems; and (ii) coaching executives (in any role) - helping them to develop their personal capability - often with a focus on resolving specific problems at work.

The two-day course includes reference to Business Models and offers cutting-edge insight into key factors that impact on performance. The primary focus is on broadening delegates’ capability to coach executives, and there is a particular focus on issues affecting leadership capability. The course will enable you to gain understanding of Mindset Issues and also help you gain expertise in using Pario tools & techniques.


Mike Guttridge    Business/Coaching Psychologist

David delivered a workshop for me and a number of colleagues on the use of Pario. It was a great day which we all enjoyed. David is an expert and delivers a great experience.

Pari Namazie     Managing Partner Atieh International

I have had the pleasure of working with David over the years on Assessment Centre design and Employee Engagement & 360 Feedback Tools as a client of PARIO… I highly recommend David for his expertise, efficiency in responding to client needs, dedication to design useful, leading edge tools & professionalism.


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What’s in the Executive Coaching Guide?

The 12 Module Guide reviews the latest research PLUS tools and techniques that support Executive Coaching. Topics include questioning techniques, the challenge of raising self-awareness and the significance of mindset issues. We also review the four Essential Elements that contribute to Authenticity.

The Guide provides insight into the two-day Training Course, so sign up today and discover the possibilities!

Who Should Attend the 2 Day Course?

The course is ideal if you want to extend your knowledge of Executive Coaching and gain access to the online tools. You may have coaching experience, or currently be in a professional / executive role.

The course will enable you to develop increased understanding of Executive Coaching, gain insight into the latest models, and acquire new skills. We include coverage of the Pario Professional and 360 degree feedback tools, and you also gain insight into Commitment & Motivation - and the research that supports the Pario Surveys.

The online resources feature a range of tools. These include: Pario Professional Profiling + ‘off-the-shelf’ or fully tailored 360 Degree Feedback + the Personal Development (Leadership) Course, which can be supported by Coaching & Workshops + Commitment & Motivation (Engagement) Surveys.